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Bryan Helmkamp

Story Driven Development: The Next Generation of Rails Functional Testing


Story Driven Development (SDD) helps close the gap between the language of developers and product owners so they can clearly define when software is “done.” Readable and executable product requirements are now possible. We’ll explore tips for integrating SDD into your existing workflow and cover technical details for implementing and maintaining stories using cutting-edge tools and libraries.


Bryan Helmkamp is a senior Rails software engineer at weplay in New York. He is a strong advocate for Behavior Driven Development and an active participant in the RSpec community. Recently, he released the Webrat (Ruby Acceptance Testing for Web applications) plugin, which many developers are using to drive their customer-facing acceptance tests in a more expressive way. During his three years of professional Ruby/Rails programming he has been continually active in the community by organizing events like Rails Day 2007 and co-organizing the first (and the upcoming second) annual Gotham Ruby Conference (GoRuCo). Bryan’s software development blog is located at http://brynary.com/.