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Ryan Davis

Hurting Code for Fun and Profit


The combination of living ascetic coding style and using tools to help enforce an ascetic style greatly helps code thrive in its purest form. Hurting code by eschewing complexity and enforcing a good testing style can be both fun and profitable if you look at it the right way. “Hurting Code for Fun and Profit” will introduce both the philosophy and tools used to enhance an ascetic coding style.


Ryan Davis has been using Ruby since 2000 and is a founding member of the Seattle Ruby Brigade, the ass-kickingest ruby brigade (per-capita). His background includes QA, automation and tool development, object databases, and smalltalk. In ruby/rails, he has worked on developer productivity and test automation tools such as flog, heckle, hoe, ParseTree, ruby2c, ruby2ruby, RubyInline, ZenTest, and more.