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Sebastian Delmont

Maps want to be free!


How to build your own online maps and free yourself from Google Maps limitations and fees.

Most developers believe that Google Maps is the only way to embed maps in their applications, without knowing that Google will soon start charging usage fees that can make a significant impact on their business models, or that there are license restrictions that might prevent using maps for vehicle tracking, for intranets or behind paywalls.

The idea of this micro talk is to shine some light on those fees and limitations, to show the audience that there are a few open source alternatives that have become more complete and easier to use in recent years, and that building your own maps is actually not just feasible, but a lot simpler than you would have thought.

This talk has very little ruby in it, but it’s probably highly relevant to the audience, given the overlap between web applications in ruby and web applications with maps.


New Yorker, geek, father, cyclist, venezuelan. Building streeteasy.com with Rails. Founded loquesea.com. Coded Swift, HootSuite, Gilt & GroupMe for Android.