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Matt Salerno

Motion in the Middle - RubyMotion as a Gateway to iOS development


In the past year or so, RubyMotion (RM) has gained its share of both adherents and skeptics. Some criticize RM for being too far removed from the underlying Cocoa frameworks, while others claim the toolchain isn’t “Ruby” enough. While there is certainly merit to these conflicting objections, it is because of these supposed flaws, and not in spite of them, that RubyMotion is an excellent tool for producing iOS apps. By leveraging both the power of the Objective-C frameworks and the speed and expressiveness of Ruby (not to mention opening up the iOS ecosystem to the historically prolific open source Ruby community), RM has the potential to greatly expand the iOS developer base and change the mobile landscape for the better. In his talk, “Motion in the Middle,” Matthew will discuss the ways in which RubyMotion enables elegant, Ruby-esque design while exposing enough of the iOS/Cocoa frameworks to allow for wide-ranging and highly extendable applications.


Matthew is a software developer at [Cyrus Innovation](http://www.cyrusinnovation.com/), an agile
 consultancy in NYC. A former scrum master and operations manager, he
 graduated from the Flatiron School where he was trained in Ruby and
 Rails. He has been developing iOS apps with RubyMotion at Cyrus, most
 recently working on Flavorpill’s Calendar in Your Pocket app. Matthew
has given talks on Agile, Scrum for Non-Development Teams, and Git
 workflow, and is the organizer of the NYC-based meetup, [Ruby Blind](http://www.meetup.com/rubyblind/). He
 is very excited to be presenting at this year’s GORUCO on developing
 for iOS in RubyMotion and its implications for the future of the iOS
 and Ruby communities.