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Audrey Troutt

Teaching Kids to Code on Raspberry Pi


Back in September 2013 I taught a class of 12 middle-school aged girls to write code in Scratch on the Raspberry Pi and program simple electronic circuits. This was a workshop for the Philadelphia non-profit TechGirlz.

I created 5 structured activities using Scratch and simple electronics that covered both good programming principles and the basics of electronic circuits. https://github.com/atroutt/scratch-pi

I will be sharing these structured projects as a template for other beginner workshops, and talk about what I learned by building and teaching this workshop.

####I’ll cover

  • What can be effectively covered in a day?
  • How can you setup a workshop up to maximize fun and learning on the day
  • Demos of some of the best projects!


Audrey is a software developer at Artisan Mobile building the world's first mobile experience management platform for both iOS and Android and is a core developer on the Artisan Android SDK. In addition to being a polyglot programmer and full-stack developer with seven years experience, Audrey is passionate about clean code, beautiful apps, and automation. [audreytroutt.com](http://audreytroutt.com/)