Goruco Videos

Luke Melia

Growing a Tech Community


For the last two years, I’ve been growing the Ember.js community in NYC from nearly nothing to a vibrant group. Most of what works well for me are things that I learned from getting my sea legs in the Ruby community, so what better place to share than GORUCO?

In this talk, we’ll cover the keys to fostering a strong local community, and why it’s worth doing. From simple hacks to simple human truths, this talk aims to be pragmatic for tech community organizers and inspire everyone to get involved.


Luke Melia is co-founder of Yapp & Yapp Labs and was previously CTO at Weplay and Director of Software Development at Oxygen Media. Prior to that, he owned a small software company in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since discovering Ruby in 2005, he has has been active in the Ruby community, helping to organize the first GORUCO, speaking at GORUCO 2010 and 2012, presenting at nyc.rb, contributing to several open source projects including Tracks and Rails, and contributing a chapter to “Ruby in Practice” from Manning. Luke is a contributor to Ember and organizer of the Ember.js NYC Meetup, which Cory Forsyth has called "my favorite meetup." He enjoys beach volleyball, parkour and teaching his two young daughters how to program Ruby & Javascript. [lukemelia.com](http://www.lukemelia.com)