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Samantha John, Jason Brennan

Designing a better Programmer Community


We will show how new approaches to language design create a better programming community.

Traditionally, programming communities have been dominated by a certain type. Programmers tend to be analytical thinkers who don’t mind banging their heads against errors all day long. New, more inclusive languages make programming attractive to a wider audience who wouldn’t normally have considered it (and don’t particularly enjoy error messages).

In this talk we will share our learnings from designing a programming language for kids. We’ll talk about the tradeoffs between simplicity and power and how we found the optimal balance for our audience. We hope others can learn from our design principles to create more languages and platforms to bring the joy of programming to everybody.


####Sam website: [www.samanthajohn.com](http://www.samanthajohn.com/) Sam left her cushy job as an engineer at Pivotal Labs to found Hopscotch, an iPad programming language for kids. Previously she taught herself programming after graduating from Columbia University with a degree in Applied Mathematics. She hails from the proud city of Detroit and can probably beat you barefoot in a marathon. ####Jason website: [nearthespeedlight.com](http://nearthespeedoflight.com/) Jason was the first employee at Hopscotch, he is a Canadian nerd living in Brooklyn. After finishing a Computer Science degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, Jason worked as an iOS Developer for Shopify and the New York Times. He wants to create a more enlightened society empowered by computers, and spends his time dreaming and building the software needed to accomplish this.