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Ross Kaffenberger

Enumerable's Ugly Cousin


Everyone loves Ruby’s Enumerable module. What about Enumerator? Many of us don’t what Enumerator is or why it’s useful. It’s time to change that. We’ll challenge conventions and (finally?) understand why Enumerator is important while unveiling the ‘magic’ of how it works.


I discovered my passion for programming in an inner-city middle school in Houston, Texas where I was a first year teacher with Teach for America. Armed with a Lego Mindstorms kit, I started an after-school robotics club and eventually, with a lot of hard work, my students marched all the way to the Texas Botball championship. Later on, I realized programming was something I wanted to do full-time. I still miss teaching so don't be surprised if I have to resist the urge to issue a few detentions.