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Rocio Delgado

Database performance at scale for RoR applications


We love Ruby on Rails because we can get a working prototype up and running in a very short period of time. It follows coding conventions that make it simple to go from one developer to the next, however, when the application scales to a certain point, there are some performance penalties that come from the auto-magic of Active Record. I intend to show the common pitfalls for performance degradation, monitoring tools to help identify problems and common solutions including MySQL indexing optimization, all this based on my current experience with one of the biggest RoR apps working at GitHub.


Engineer at GitHub, previously GE and founding engineer @ WorkMarket. I've been a backend engineer for 11+ years, from Java land (public static void main) to RoR. Interested in performance, scalability, resilience, distributed systems and databases. Yoga, dancing & karaoke junior performer. Living in Brooklyn via México.