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Sam Phippen

Type. Context.


Every language has at least one big idea behind it. In Ruby we cherish the powers of abstraction in the language and the conventions of Rails. Experienced Ruby programmers lean on these ideas without a thought. Imagine my surprise when I changed jobs, stopped programming Ruby full time, and those ideas were nowhere around. This talk is the antidote to the ‘x language is cool talk’; It’s a talk where you’ll learn about the ideas behind a couple of current hot languages. You’ll learn how new languages change the way you program. We’ll find some gaps in Ruby and bring some neat stuff back.


Sam Phippen is a swashbuckling hacker, from London UK. He lives in New York City now, working for DigitalOcean. He's a member of the RSpec core team. He's ✨ Your Pal Sam ✨. He's sad that he can't hug every cat.