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Lauren Ellsworth

What I Learned to Love About Ruby When I Switched to Python


When I switched from a Ruby based company to a Python based company, things I had taken for granted in my Ruby life were suddenly sorely missed, and the transition to a language with only one way to do the same thing created quite a few bumps in the road. This talks draws parallels between Ruby and Python, spotlighting which brought the most developer happiness, what I miss and love about Ruby, and what Ruby can learn from Python.


Lauren Ellsworth is a Senior Software Engineer at Flatiron Health, a company working to accelerate cancer research and improve cancer care. In her years of development, Lauren has contributed to a half dozen analytics platforms, software that aids in facial recognition of lions, and foster care case management software, among other projects. Currently, Lauren is scaling engineering on-boarding at Flatiron Health, while developing agile and secure services on the Developer Infrastructure team.