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Panayiotis Thomakos

Developer Productivity Engineering


Ruby is often praised for being a happy language. For highly motivated developers, a large part of happiness is tied to being productive. How can we extend the productivity gains we experience from writing Ruby to an entire engineering organization? At Strava we are experimenting with a framework we call Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE). DPE applies the principles of Site Reliability Engineering, developed by Google, to improving productivity through automation for both individual engineers and engineering organizations. This talk is a detailed view of the DPE framework and our experience with it so far.


Pan Thomakos is a productivity engineer at Strava, where he has been working with Ruby for the past 8 years. He spends most of his time automating manual tasks and developing ways to improve engineering processes. Among his other projects, Pan created Strava's deployment script and continuous integration and build services. He is originally from Greece and spends his free time running, cooking, and wrestling with his kids.