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Ryan Findley

Object Oriented Thinking with Elixir and OTP


Processes in Erlang / Elixir resemble objects in many ways. Some even argue that Erlang processes and the Actor Model are a purer form of object-orientation. The Elixir community has a large contingent of Rubyists that have extended many of the core values (and joys) of Ruby into the world of Elixir. This talk exposes some of the reasons why while providing a starting point for further learning


Ryan Findley, a professional software developer of over 15 years, builds and looks after custom software solutions. Ryan founded Neomind Labs in 2002. Neomind Labs, a Philadelphia-based, privately owned company, specializes in software stewardship with a focus on Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript. Neomind has built and maintained software systems for a variety of US clients that serve a global audience of customers, including academic and medical institutions, Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits.