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Liz Baillie

The Rubyist's Illustrated Rust Adventure Survival Guide


Programming is an adventure, often more harrowing than it has to be. If you’re more used to higher-level languages like Ruby or JavaScript, learning a lower-level language like Rust can feel like an impossible journey that leaves you wishing for a well-written and heavily illustrated field guide. Good news! I have already gone down this road and am now prepared to share my adventure with you. Luckily, I was able to capture much of the flora and fauna of Rustlandia with my primitive pictorial devices (paper and pen).


Liz is currently wrangling the JavaScripts and herding the Rubies as an engineer at Tilde. Previously, she spent many years drawing comic books to a limited but enthusiastic audience. She is just getting started at contributing to open source projects and is already addicted. Please send help (don't actually send help).