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Joe Leo

Writing Ruby Like it's 2018


These days new Ruby releases are regarded with less and less fanfare. We rejoiced at all the new features and support of Ruby 1.9 and 2.0! Since then, we've become a bit jaded: "Refinements? Yeah, they're OK." "Immutable String pragma? Yawn!" "yield_self? Don't we already have tap?

In fact, Ruby has delivered in myriad ways over the last several releases. From more support for functional-style programming to vast speed improvements, the Ruby core team is firing on all cylinders. Let's talk about what's been done, what's on the horizon, and get excited about programming Ruby again!


Joe is the founder and president of Def Method. After spending more than a decade delivering high-quality software solutions spanning government, education, finance and e-commerce, Joe set out to offer something unique in New York City: a development shop of talented engineers who can step back and see the bigger picture.